From development to production in 5 minutes: is your company ready?


While doing my job as a consultant at Container Solutions I quickly learnt that even though companies want change, as in, they want to adopt agile softwate development methodologies, DevOps, Containers, Orchestrators, etc., they simply are not ready for such a pace. From lack of technical know-how to critical cultural challenges, they ignore what the road up ahead looks like and what they have to do to embrace these transitions. In this talk, by making a parallel of the history of the liberation of South America, I help people from all the instances within a company to see what are these challenges, what’s the best formula for success when driving change in big corporations and a few other tips so that they don’t panic.

Presented at:

  • Dutch Container Day 2016
  • QCon London 2017
  • DevOps Vilnius 2017


The slides can be found here.


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