Cloud Expert & Public Speaker based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Moving to the cloud is a critical process that requires lots of preparation. Without the proper strategy, your project is most likely to fail.
From the technical challenges to the cultural aspects of these transformations, I help small, medium and large organisations to create a solid plan and execute it smoothly, guaranteeing the success of your transition to the cloud!

My broad experience in programmable infrastructure and distributed computing technologies can help your company increase the utilisation of both your human and computing resources, creating greater margings in your profit as well as boosting your team’s overall happiness level.

From research to development to integration I have had the opportunity to work in the past with multiple public cloud providers such as AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, Packet, DigitalOcean among others, and serious hands-on experience with the following stacks:

Container technologies

  • Docker
  • rkt


  • Docker Swarm
  • Mesos (DC/OS)
  • Kubernetes (both in the cloud as well as On-Premise)
  • Nomad

Configuration Management tools

  • Ansible
  • Puppet
  • Capistrano

I also have plenty of experience with the HashiStack (Nomad, Vault, Packer) and specially with Terraform for which I have developed a couple of custom providers.

I currently work at Container Solutions, a premium software consultancy that focuses on programmable infrastructure. We use our expertise in software development, as well as leadership, strategy and operations to help our customers innovate at speed and scale. We maintain offices in The Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Switzerland.

For inquires please get in touch with us at info [ a T ] container-solutions.com

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